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Legal Structure:    

Poderi Sorì

S.a.s. di Guolf J. Gattiker e Francis T.E. Hodgskin

Località Parafada, n° 7 - 12050 Serralunga d’Alba (CN) – Italy

Telefone & Fax 0173-789221

Partita IVA 02186680043


History of the Enterprise:


After more than ten years of enthusiastic exploration of cuisine and wines of the “Langhe” and the “Barolo” area, Guolf J. Gattiker and Francis T.E. Hodgskin from Zurich, Switzerland, finally  acquired their first vineyard “Crû Baudana” in 1986 and two years later  “Crû Parafada”, both in Serralunga d’Alba.

Their love for the “Langhe” had grown and so had their understanding of its tradition and culture. In 1990 they incorporated “Poderi Sorì s.a.s.” a company that owns and vinifies only grapes from Crû properties  (Sorì = Crû in Piemontese).

The combination of these factors enabled the company to evolve into the production of wines which are firmly anchored in the terrain of origin but at the same time reflecting a refined European touch. A memorable result has been achieved by respecting old traditions in cultivating the vines, by managing wisely and considerately the transition of the grapes into wine and by a meticulous control of the maturation process in wooden casks.

Upon these premises, three wines arise, irreversibly tied to the “terroir” but with an elegance of complex palatal perceptions to meet the highest and most demanding European and World standards.