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  Cultivated and produced with the outmost care from grapes from the  vineyard, located in Parafada, a subzone of Serralunga d’Alba, The vinification is traditional and the final rounding takes place in 25 hl oak casks.  

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Intense,  garnet red tonality.    
Bouquet: Elegant and intense, marked by spicy notes, ethereal and fruity, typical for the vineyard, accompanied by a fragrance of “boisé”. The bouquet is rounded-up to perfection  by flowery notes of roses and violets and a scent of liquorice.    
Flavour: Full, warm and harmonious, of great elegance and  pleasantness. Sweet tannins. Long and pleasent  persistence. Well balanced.    
Ideal Consumption: From 4th to 12th year of age.    

Produced from a vineyard replanted in 1997, located in the subzone of Baudana in Serralunga d’Alba, with clones of Nebbiolo of low productivity but of rich extract. The vinification is traditional and the wines are refined in a mix of  25 hl  casks  and smaller barrels.

Tasting Notes:    
Colour: Intense,  garnet red tonality.    
Bouquet: Very pleasent, intense and comprehensive. Fruity and flowery sensations emerge, completed by spicy sences and a note of vanilla.    
Flavour: Full, impressive and warm. Excellent balance of tannic-acid and complete pleasentness.. Abundance of tannins and sweet overtones. Great equilibrium with an extensive finish.    
Ideal Consumption: From 4th to 12th year of age.    

A charming consequence of a careful blend of wines made with Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes, refined and aged for 18 months in small barriques. Delicious wine with a delightful appeal to the olfactory sense.

Tasting Notes:    
Colour: Luminous, excellent density with ruby red tonality.    
Bouquet: Convincing, very intensive and pleasing. Sensations emerging from the glass recalls flowers and fruits, in particular wild berries and mature cherries.  The olfactory spectrum is expanded to include sensations of vanilla.    
Flavour: Full and comprehensive and completed by smooth tannins. Full and with optimal roundness concluding in a long finish. The fruity and spicy sensations emerging on the palate fulfils the promise made by the bouquet.    
Ideal Consumption: From 2nd to 4th year of age.